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Welcome to the Lliswerry Baptist Church website

Lliswerry Baptist ChurchIf you are visiting the website for the first time, or if you are thinking about coming to visit us at Lliswerry Baptist, then the Visitors Page is a great place to start. You'll find brief details about what we do and all you need to know about coming along to a Sunday Service.

Of course, there are a lot of other activities going on; you can find out about those throughout the website.

Who We Are

Lliswerry is in Newport, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. We are a Christian Baptist church whose aim is to serve and praise Jesus, reaching out to our local community and further afield.

We believe in the authority of the Bible, and in the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Please see our What We Believe page for further details. 

As well as morning and evening Sunday Worship Services, we have various groups which meet regularly for prayer, Bible study and fellowing - please see the Calendar for details. There are various activities for children and young people, including Toddlers, Xalt, and Frimellows. with opportunity to attend summer camps at Spree and Soul Survivor. 

We run various courses at different times, both for people who want to find out out about Christianity and to help people grow in their spiritual knowledge and experience. Social events together are also an important part of our church life, and visitors are always welcome.

Visiting Us for a Sunday Service

Our Sunday morning service starts at 10.45am and finishes around noon. The evening service, which is from 6.30pm until about 7.45pm.Parking at Camperdown House

Please see the Where To Find Us page for a map and details of our address. Parking is available at the end of Camperdown Road in the grounds of Camperdown House. But please note that the car park can be full by 10.45am. Generally people start arriving from about 10.30am. Alternative parking can be found in the adjoining streets, though please don't park in Camperdown Road itself as this is particularly inconvenient for our neighbours.

When you arrive at the church you will usually be greeted at the door by two church members, who will welcome you and direct you to the seats in the main part of the church. We are a friendly church, so don't be surprised if a few people say hello and introduce themselves.

During The Service

ServiceDuring our services we sing both modern and traditional worship songs to suit all tastes, and also some children's songs. Words for the songs are shown on the large screen for all to see, whilst music is provided by the worship group with a wide range of musical instruments included.

We often include short times of open prayer at some point in the service, with the world situation as well as local needs very much on our hearts. 

An offering will be taken at some point during the service, for the work of the church. But as a visitor please don't feel any obligation to make any donation 

In the morning service there is a Bible Club programme for Children and Young People. They meet together with the adults for the first 25 minutes of the service and then go to their various groups. A crèche is also available.

Our pastor or a guest speaker will gave a talk relating to a passage in the Bible. You can listen to some of our sermons on the Sermons page.

At the close of the serviced, both morning and evening, coffee and tea are served in the church hall and everyone is welcome to stay for that and to chat together. The pastor will usually be found by the door to the church, speaking to people as they leave.


We include Communion in our morning service on the third Sunday of each month and in the evening service on the first Sunday of each month.

Bread and wineWe do this because on the night before he died Jesus told his followers to break bread and to drink wine in memory of his broken body and the blood he shed. All are welcome at this service, and all who want to reach out to the Lord Jesus for his grace and forgiveness are invited to take the bread and wine (non-alcoholic grape juice) as an expression of faith the need for forgiveness.

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